Miss Lulu Of Dreaming Wonder

Miss Lulu is born on the 10th of March 2004

She is a medium poodle in white with a height of 40cm

Heath tests: PRA:Laboklin NN und patella free


Inter Champion

Luxemburger Champion

Polnischer Champion


Deutscher Champion VDH

Deutscher Champion DPK

Jugendchampion DPK

Sieger Champion

Brabo Winner

Klub Sieger DPK

DPK Sieger

Jüngstensieger des DPK


4x Cacib

5x BOB

1x BOS

Family tree

      Destiny´s Joshua
    Grandfather: Rindaras Lethal Weapon
      Destiny´s Leia
  Father: Crecendo´s King Of The Road
      Maincoat Kinda Costly
    Grandmother: Crecendo´s White Diamond
      Freeland´s Finlandia
Miss Lulu Of Dreaming Wonder
      Peltiskje´s Khelim Spring Surprise
    Grandfather: Free As The Wind v. Pamajofc
      Maincoat The Best Is Yet To Come
  Mother: Kimberly Of Dreaming Wonder
      Dacher Braylane Shutterbug
    Grantmother: Rapunzel Le Papillon