Charming Candy Cotton For Ever King

Candyis born on the 26th of February 2020

She is a large poodle in white

Health tests: HD A2, ED 0, Patella free, Gen test Laboklin all N/N 





Family tree

      Hallifax D'Havilland Dove
    Grandfather: Hallifax D'Havilland Moth Minor
      Dajmens Easy RSVP To Calie
  Father Vätten's Shining All Over
      Vätten's Aragorn AF Midgard
    Grandmother: Vätten's Star Child
      Vätten's Magic Moonglow
Carming Candy Cotton For Ever King (FCI)
      Penndragon Dream Don Gaucho
    Grandfather: Don Gaucho No Vale Dormir
      Samarcanda Heaven Can Wait-B
  Mother: Annerose For Ever King (FCI)
      Tony White Envisan
    Grandmother: Alzbeta AV Pes
      Berberis Carpatica Agata